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What are the uses of fireproof cloth

Fireproof cloth is made of high temperature resistant material, which can withstand high temperature of 400 ~ 1000% and belongs to non-combustible material. When the fire mat made of this kind of cloth is covered on the object of the initial fire, it can make the combustion material isolated from the air and suffocate the fire. The fire-fighting quilt is to add compound treatment agent to the sandwich of fire-fighting felt. When the fire-fighting quilt is covered with combustion matter, it will emit inert gas, isolate oxygen source and extinguish the fire, and its fire-fighting effect is better than that of fire-fighting felt.
Applicable scope of fireproof cloth
A. Home, hotel, kitchen, living room, laboratory, office, conference room, car, train car, travel, etc., when the initial fire used for extinguishing;
B. In the welding place for shielding welding sparks, shielding arc radiation, in the tourism industry for tourism tents, sunshade cloth, can also be used to prevent ultraviolet radiation;
C. When the fire escape, can block the radiant heat, block the fire splashing fly ash, Mars, to protect the escape from burns;
D. In high temperature places, boiler room can be used for fire insulation and fire insulation shutter;
E. In plastic or a variety of high temperature steaming, boiling, stir-frying long - term use of mat cloth, heat insulation cloth, etc.

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