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10 kinds of advertising cloth that advertisers must know

There are many kinds of advertising materials. Different materials can be used in different scenes. Choosing a suitable advertising material is a necessary skill for an advertiser. Today, I will take you to know the types of advertising cloth. They are all dry goods. Remember to collect them.
1. Black and white cloth
Black and white cloth is also called black background cloth and blackout cloth. The front is white and the back is black, which is light tight.
It is mainly used for stage background, activity background, giant posters in shopping malls, 4S shop publicity flags, etc.
2. Double jet cloth
Double jet printing cloth is a double-sided advertising cloth that simultaneously prints pictures. The materials on both sides are white. In order to prevent light transmission, a layer of black cloth will be sandwiched in the middle.
It is generally used in shopping centers, car 4S stores, cinemas, sales departments, airport stations, venue layout, signage and other places where double-sided display is required.
3. Flag cloth
It is generally made of silk, which is light in texture and has good light transmission. According to the different printing methods and inks, flag cloth can be divided into hot Shenghua flag cloth, weak solvent flag cloth, water-based flag cloth, LATEX flag cloth, etc.
It is mainly used for banners, flags and posters inside and outside the home.
4. Non woven fabric
With polypropylene resin as the main raw material, through the weighing net, the non woven fabric formed by reinforcement and finishing is moistureproof, breathable, flexible, easy to decompose and cheap.
It is mainly used for making screen, stage background, mural advertisement, window advertisement, banner poster, indoor display board, etc.
5. Photo Cloth
The special fabric for the photo machine has a long history of application and low cost. It is used in many fields to replace the traditional pp glue, saving the time and cost of film covering.
It is mainly used for indoor banners, banners, X shelves, roll outs, exhibitions and art portraits.
The above are only five categories of advertising cloth. I haven't seen enough of them. The next article will tell you what other categories are.

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