Pearl White Projection Screen Film
PVC Projection Screen Fabric

Pearl White Projection Screen Film

Applicable for teaching, recreation and sport, film and television and media fields. Good brightness and sound colour creates a clear image and are good for eyes protection. The screen unfolds vertically and does not get yellowed or wrinkled and it has no tuned edge. It enjoys good anti-static,anti-mildew, anti-flame,anti-water and anti-wrinkle abilities and features sound visual effects and low cost.

Product name: Pearl White Projection Screen Film
High-brightness pearl white material: This projection screen film is designed with pearl white, which can provide bright and uniform projection effects, making the image colors more vivid and vivid.
Wide viewing angle design: Its viewing angle can reach 90°. Whether you watch it from the left or right 45° angle, you can get a clear and undistorted picture effect. It is very suitable for multiple viewing occasions such as home, school or conference room. .
High gain effect: The gain value is 1.9, which means that this projection screen film can effectively reflect the projection light source, enhance the brightness and contrast of the projection picture, and make the details clearer.
Moderate thickness: The thickness is 0.33mm±0.02mm, which not only ensures the sturdiness and durability of the screen, but also makes it easy to install and carry.
Product parameters:
Width: Available in two specifications: 2.50m and 3.20m, the appropriate size can be selected according to actual use needs.
Thickness: 0.33mm±0.02mm, ensuring product stability and durability.
Viewing angle: 90° (L&R45°), providing a wide viewing angle.
Gain: 1.9, optimizes the projection effect and improves the picture quality.
Applicable scene:
This Pearl White Projection Screen Film is suitable for home theaters, conference rooms, classrooms, exhibitions and other occasions, bringing users a high-quality projection experience. Whether watching movies, giving presentations or learning training, it can provide excellent projection effects to meet the diverse needs of users.
Installation and maintenance:
In terms of installation, because the product is lightweight and has a certain degree of flexibility, it can be easily installed according to the actual environment. It is recommended to clean the screen regularly to prevent dust and stains from affecting the projection effect. At the same time, avoid sharp objects from scratching the screen to extend its service life.
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